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      A Reef Ball is a 'Designated Artificial Reef'  used to restore reef systems and enhance habitat area. In the Marine Studies program though, our primary focus is to use the Reef Balls as educational tools. Students first identify a site that would be easily accessible to scuba divers and snorkelers and that has proper sediment depth. The next step is to assess the site chosen which includes mapping out where the Reef  Balls will placed. Then students  begin putting the molds together and preparing them for the concrete pour. Once the concrete is poured it dries overnight waiting to be hatched. Soon after the Reef Balls are hauled to the site and deployed. The project does not end there.  Monitoring the growth of the Reef Balls and of the surrounding fish population will be done monthly.


*All artificial reef habitat (Reef Ball) molds are designed and manufactured by Reef Ball Inc. for more information on reef balls visit the Reef Ball web page.