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   Environmental Programme at Asta Beach Resort, Barbados

Turtle Nesting 

Asta's concern for the environment has caused a number of developments.

A sea aquarium has been created offshore in an artificial reef where hundreds of fish now live. Asta provides food for these fish.

Extensive tropical gardens now cover the entire centre of the property, with trees and plants labeled for the convenience of the guests.

Asta is a member of the Green Hotels Association of the United States as well as the Caribbean Alliance for Sustainable Tourism (CAST). Asta is Green Globe 21 Certified. View our Green Globe Certificate of Registration.

The Green Globe 21 programme is designed to make the participating hotels truly friends of the environment and the community in which we live. Beside the reduction and/or elimination of wastage and garbage, it also addresses the health and safety issues that confront our staff, guests and community. Our concerns and committments are summed up in our Environmental Mission Statement below:

Asta Beach Resort resolves to continually review our operations and policies to ensure that we maintain optimal efficiency. We are committed to ensuring that all our practices are benficial to the local environment and community. We will abide by all laws and regulations that have been established by our government. We will practice the efficient utilization of our resources and we will continually educate staff and guests on the need to protect the earth that we occupy.

Asta is also a member of the Barbados Marine Trust, an organisation dedicated to promoting environmentally and socially-sustainable use of the Marine areas of Barbados. The Trust plays a major role in assisting the Government of Barbados in the implementation of marine management initiatives. Protecting our reefs ensures that our economy, community, and the livelihoods of our people are sustained. The Trust intends to implement a long-term plan, which will enable us to educate the population in particular our children on the importance of, and need for a permanent policy for the future of our marine resources.

We have embarked on a Reef Ball project. The main objectives of the project are:

  • To improve the marine environment for present and future generations and in particular to increase the biodiversity in the area.
  • To improve the species variety and population density of all marine life, fish, corals sponges etc. in the area.
  • To use local knowledge and experience to restore the ailing marine environment in the most cost effective manner.
  • The ecological enhancement of the area.
  • To mimic the natural environment in an area which is the least polluted in Barbados.
  • To create an environment which will enhance the Food Fish population of the area.
  • To create an awareness of the marine environment and to use the local Fishing Community /Diving /Dive Boat/ Cruise Operators/ Pleasure Craft operators/ Water Sports Operators/Hotels/ as Reef Police to ensure the success of the project.
  • To use this project as a means of monitoring reef development for future generations.

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