Reefballs are rolling

Laura Lavin photo

Burt Minter atop a stack of reef balls about to move to Sidney.

By Laura Lavin
Peninsula News Review

Jul 26 2006

Reef balls will be on the move through Town this coming Friday. One hundred and fifty of the 300 pound under water critter-catchers will be hauled onto tractor trailers provided by Slegg Lumber and Ramsay Machinery. They will be unloaded on Beacon Wharf, which will be partially closed to traffic until Sunday when they will be put underwater to form an artificial reef.

A barge is being donated by Trincomali Transport and divers from Advanced Subsea Services and the Canadian Fleet have been organized by Liquid Heaven Diving Experience.

“We really want to recognize Slegg Lumber and Ramsay Machinery for their help on this,” said Burt Minter, who with partner Troy Hawboldt, has been making the reef balls with their new company Artificial Reef Structures.

The new reefs will form part of the new underwater marine park which will eventually include two airplanes.

“They’ll help protect the airplanes from the tide and currents,” said Minter. “When you put a rock under water, you’ll see barnacles growing on it in six months. With reef balls, you see growth within weeks and in a few months, they’re covered.”

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