Last circle now finished

Laura Lavin/Peninsula News Review

Divers Natalie Nolan and Daryll Harasemow of Liquid Heaven Dive Shop get ready to move the last of a set of reef balls into place near Beacon Wharf. The reef balls will help form an under water dive park.

By Laura Lavin
Peninsula News Review

Mar 02 2007

The last of a set of reef balls made their way to the ocean floor with the help of a few volunteers. Burt Minter and Troy Humboldt from Artificial Reef Structures lifted the reef balls off a truck and lowered them into the water off Beacon Wharf where divers Daryll Harasemow and Natalie Nolan from Liquid Heaven placed them. The reef balls form the last circle under water which will eventually include statues and decommissioned airplanes.

“We’re working on getting two snowbirds that will be discarded,” said Reg Teeney, organizer of the underwater park. “We’re getting a tremendous amount of help from [MP] Gary Lunn.”

The next step will be to install cables and wiring that will run to the new Marine Museum at the Pier Hotel, then underwater cameras will be put in so residents and visitors can watch the marine life and divers under the water.

Donations of trucks and equipment for the final placement of the reef balls were made by Ramsey Machinery and Slegg Lumber.

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