Launching of Pahang Royal Reef

The artificial reef at Pulau Renggis will turn the island into a popular diving site.

The launching of the Pahang Royal Reef, the first of its kind in Malaysia, on September 9-21, Malaysia Tourism Association said in a press release.

Under the patronage of KDYTM Tengku Mahkota Pahang, this historic event, which will be recorded in the Malaysia Book of Records, sees the creation of an artificial reef at Pulau Renggis in Tioman. The new reef, made up of 50 reef balls, each weighing 300 kilogrammes, is being laid on the seabed for corals to grow and to allow other marine life to breed.

The creation of the artificial reef at Pulau Renggis will turn the island into a popular diving site in the years to come. The reef will be extended yearly to mark the closing of the diving season in the east coast.

The project, initiated by diving specialist Planet Scuba Sdn Bhd, has gained the recognition and support of the Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI), as well as the state government of Pahang, related government agencies, corporations, individuals and other NGOs as it benefits marine conservation, eco-tourism and marine research.

About 150 local and foreign divers are taking part in the reef exercise.

Besides the Pahang Government, other governmental bodies such as Tourism Malaysia, Tioman Development Corporation, Royal Malaysian Navy, Royal Malaysian Police and other ministries and departments have lent their support to the event.

Courtesy of Sunday Bulletin

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