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German Mark=7.10
Spanish Peseta=0.084
Italian Lira=0.0072
French Franc=2.11 
Dutch Guilder=6.29
*Note that commercial bank rates and street market rates fluctuate within 5% of the government quote.
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Building hotels for tropical fish
Marine biotechnology is being used in the East to help increase the fish population. Tourists traveling to Bayahibe will benefit from the planting of several reef balls in the turquoise waters of Bayahibe in the area of the National Park of the East. These are known as artificial reefs or hotels for fish and marine species and will be placed some 30 or 50 meters from the beach. The reef balls will increase the marine biodiversity and will enrichen the snorkeling experience of tourists visiting the hotels in the area. The artificial habitats are being installed by the Reef Ball Development Group, as a pilot program that could be implemented in other areas of the country to stimulate the reproduction of fish and other marine organisms. The reef balls are one meter tall and one meter wide.

March 17, 1998 2 pm EST.

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