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Oct 05, 2004 AD - 11:38 AM
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Reef Research & AwarenessReef Balls Gaining Popularity Through Unique Applications
Posted by: Cindy on Dec 31, 2003 AD - 02:50 AM

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Reef balls are artificial reefs built specifically to improve the environment underwater and to attract and support a diversity of marine life. Reef balls have attracted worldwide interest and popularity among marine conservationists and divers who enjoy exploring the reefs they help recreate.

Reef balls are American in origin. They are the result of an experiment by Todd Barber, an entrepreneur and an active environmentalist. Reefballs began to catch on about a decade ago but their applications have recently grown significantly.

Todd Barber, scuba diver, CEO and visionary who founded the “reefballs” program, had for many years visited the Caymen Islands each Christmas with his family. Every year he dived on the same coral reef and took photos of the same piece of coral. He observed firsthand how very slowly coral grows. But one year, following a major storm he returned to discover that ‘his’ piece of coral reef had been destroyed.

As a result, Barber along with a group of friends spent several years designing reefballs. They are basically hollow concrete spheres with specially designed holes that could be floated with an air filled bladder and ‘sunk’ into place, or sunk from a barge to give a damaged reef a chance and to offer a place for corals regrowth to begin. In just over ten years there are now over 500,000 reefs balls in 3700 projects in 44 countries around the world, and the list grows each month.

There are a number of ways that reefballs have been modified and used around the world's oceans. How? For example: Reefballs flexible molding techniques allow the reefballs to be shaped as a very desireable habitat for the spiny lobster. This allows for the development of less dense lobster cultivation and helps create a more balanced eco-system. These have been used successfully in Malaysia. Similar Reefballs have also been used in lobster projects in Newfoundland, Canada.

A major reef restoration project was recently completed in Antigua that included the use of layer cake reef balls. In November, the Lake Pontchartrain (LA) Artificial Reef Working Group announced the completion of three new artificial fishing reefs involving 600 reef balls deployed in Lake Pontchartrain.

Reef Balls are made in many sizes to best match the natural reef type which is being mimicked. The most common sizes are as follows:

Super Reef Ball = 6 x 4.5, 5000 pounds; Reef or Ultra Ball = 5-6 X 3.8-4, 4000 pounds; Pallet Ball =4X3, 1750 pounds; Bay Ball = 3X2, 400 pounds; Mini-Bay Ball = 2 x 21", 300 pounds; Lo Pro Ball = 2 x 1, 75 pounds; Oyster Ball= 18"X1, 35 pounds; "Model" Ball = 7"x5", 6 pounds.

Overwhelmingly, the evidence is quite clear that Reef Balls create essential fish, invertebrate and marine plant habitats. In most cases, the evidence indicates that Reef Balls can easily reach the 80% or more of the natural species diversity and population densities of nearby natural reef systems within just a few years, however achieving the ultimate goal of 100% may take five or more years and will nearly always require special treatments to match local conditions.

To learn more about reef balls and to become more actively involved in this coral conservation movement visit: http://www.artificialreefs.org/.

Sources: Malaysian Star; Reefballs Asia; http://www.reefball.com/; http://www.artificialreefs.com/; http://www.artificialreefs.org/.

10am-5pm est m-f

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