Reef Balls to Promote Marine Life

I. The state of the world's coral reefs:

- as we are coming to the beginning of a new millennium 58% of the world's reef's are at risk

II. Artificial Reefs are used to replace damaged natural reefs which are home to thousands of species of marine life:

-REEF BALLS are an excellent choice for artificial reefs

III. Why Reef Balls ???





are all needed for a good artificial reef.

...Reef Balls are your answer

-In Sidney, BC Reef Balls have attracted marine life off of a new fishing pier.

-Reef Balls use a marine friendly concrete, meaning that its pH is closer to that of the sea than normal concrete.

Reef Balls off of West Palm Beach have flourishing reef communities due to reef balls:

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For specifics about REEF BALLS see the Internet Brochure!!!!!! -topics discussed are:

IV. Standard Sizes

V. Cost of Reef balls


  Bay Pallet Reef
1 Month N/A N/A N/A
3 Months $25 $45 $65
6 Months $20 $35 $50
1 Year $15 $25 $40
3 Years $10 $20 $30
Purchase N/A N/A N/A

VI. What's New ??

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-Ed Adams, USNA
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