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We Need Your Help With Thailand's Tsunami Coral Reef Restoration Effort

Reef Ball Foundation, Inc.

Date posted to GoodWork: Mar 3, 2005
Application deadline: Mar 15, 2005
Start date: Apr 4, 2005
Location: Phuket, Thailand

NOTE: This is not a commercial solicitation it is a call for
Expert Coral Volunteers.

The Reef Ball Foundation (a 501(c) 3 Public Charity) in
association with the government of Thailand's Ministry of
Natural Resources, Reef Ball Thailand, Racha and Racha
Sea Masters needs your assistance with the Phuket Coral
Rehabilitation project's post-tsunami work to aid in the
environmental and economic recovery of the disaster
affected Phuket region.

What's up?

The Reef Ball Foundation has been working in Thailand on
a Coral restoration project on Racha Island, just south of
Phuket since before the Tsunami. The Tsunami made a
real mess of the corals in the bay and so we have been
invited by our local team (Racha Resort, Seamaster Divers
and Reef Ball Thailand) and the Prime Minister, Khun
Thaksin Shinawatra, and Minister for the Environment
Khun Suwit Khunkitti to expand our coral rescue, reef
clean up, Crown of Thorns monitoring, reef rehabilitation/
restructuring, livelihood restoration, Post-Tsunami bay
management planning, buoy installation, MPA action plan,
coral propagation / coral genetic bank creation (This
genetic bank consists of a Reef Ball for each type of coral
we rescue / propagate with as many "families" of that type
planted on the Reef Balls), scuba/dive trail formation,
snorkeling trail formation, and coral planting project. We
sent a team of 8 down last week to assess the situation and
get everything set up for a full project the month of April.
By April, 300 Reef Balls will be in place for the team to
begin the coral propagation and restoration processes. The
Racha Resort is a 5 star resort but is rebuilding it's dive
center, and some damaged infrastructure and therefore is
currently not open to the public. This is a blessing for us as
we can use the fantastic rooms for our own expert volunteer
crews and they will provide the rooms and food free to all
volunteers accepted for the project. We hope to have a
team of up to 60 volunteers during the month of April.

There are several ways you can assist us in this urgent and
important work.

We are going to select people to go on the trip based on an
email application system. Basically, if you want to go, we
need you to send us an email with 1) What talents you can
offer (not necessary if you are already a Coral Team
member since we already know this). The more your
unique talents are needed for the overall team, the more
likely you will be selected, 2) What dates you can attend
(working days are M-F during the entire month of
April...the longer you can stay the more likely we will
select you), 3) The amount of financial support you can
provide or will need provided. (I.E. if you are not already a
coral team member or Field Expert such as coral scientist/
researcher/skilled advocate, we suggest a donation of $2000
to the project to help cover project expenses and to
support your application...but this might be in any form
such as donated FF points for another team member,
etc. (It is NOT required) If you are a Coral Team Member
or Expert then tell us what you need to come (i.e. for us to
cover airfare, expenses or stipend). The higher your
contribution or the lower the requirements the better chance
you will have of getting selected. Basically, this project
needs to be self funded so we will need a balance of people
donating verse experts that need some expenses covered.
If you are on the CORAL list, you are likely someone that
we would value more for talent than for financial support.
Note: The Reef Ball Foundation has already funded over
$50K in molds, coral propagation supplies, team visits,
survey work, etc. and the opportunity to expand this project
is based solely on the amount of financial support we can
obtain from multiple sources.

Work will begin on the week of April 3rd and continue through
the week of April 25th. See the Reef Ball Calendar System to
view the latest schedule. Volunteers that are accepted are
expected to post their travel schedules & Itineraries to this
calendar system as well as emergency contact information. You
will be given a password and user id if accepted to the project.

Those accepted and joining us in Thailand will be provided:

* Ground and sea transportation to project and hotel when we
meet them in Phuket until their departure

* Full accommodations and meals for the duration of their stay at
the 5 star Racha Sanctuary Resort on Koa Racha Yai

* Tanks & Weights, each volunteer must be dive certified* and
provide us with a copy of their diving cards & passport.

* Laundry Service

* Weekends off for leisure (Stay at Racha for free or venture to
Phuket/Excursions on your own).

Applicants must be 18 years or older or accompanied by a
parent or guardian and in good health and physical condition to
handle the long hours and difficult work in hot conditions.

You will be asked to sign a waiver of liability. Contributions to
the project to support your application are tax deductible in the
US (Talk with your tax advisor to verify this) as a donation to a
501(c) 3 Public Charity.

We have a "work hard, play hard" kind of culture. There will be a
private band for the group most nights, a volunteer room with
snacks & drinks provided. We expect to have internet access in
the volunteer room but since there is a lot of construction going
on country wide don't count on that being too reliable.
Volunteers will get t-shirts, have the opportunity to enhance their
Coral Team Certificates or to obtain one.

Sorry this seems a bit complicated, but this is an emergency
activation and we need to put together a top team quickly.
Please email...don't call...for needed details to keep things easier
for us. John Walch (john and Marjo Van Der
Buick (Marjo will be leading the team and Todd
Barber will be overall project manager (reefball
Applications will be decided upon by a Reef Ball Foundation
Committee on March 15th, all decisions final. We will continue to
post detailed project information on our website under Thailand
World Mapping System. Found at and you can even see
some pictures of the start of the project from the team visit last
week. This is a historic opportunity not only to help in the
world's largest natural disaster in our lifetimes, but a great
chance to help restore a, once beautiful, coral reef.

The work environment is absolutely idea for our work. Water is
clear, there is an abundant supply of imperiled coral fragments
(our team has done assessments and nursery work already),
and we have already shipped by container all the supplies we
will need. We built a very advanced floating coral table &
fragmenting/deployment station. All you really need to bring is
your own dive gear (underwater digital dive cameras are also
encouraged). Our teams will be well organized in terms of the
exact activities we will be performing each day.

You will find travel, food and accommodations safe as the there
has been substantial infrastructure rebuilding in Thailand. Our
teams did have a little trouble with email as the internet seemed
to go down a lot with all the construction efforts. Our hosts were
VERY nice and helpful. They are building a restaurant just for
our team....will have a live band just for us every night...and of
course you will get all the tanks of air you want. The earliest
applications will be favored so get yours in as soon as possible.

If you can't go.... consider donating money or some frequent flyer
miles to support another expert volunteer coming. All donations
are to a public charity and should be write offs for tax purposes
(check with you tax advisor).

Do you use American Airlines? Whenever you book a flight, use
the Reef Ball Business Extra #754011. You still get all your
frequent flyer points and Reef Ball Foundation gets credit toward
future flights!

For more information on our CORAL TEAM see

To see a similar project we did last year go to


Todd Barber
Reef Ball Foundation

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