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To continue the cooperative effort by the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries and the Lake Pontchartrain Basin Foundation to construct artificial reefs in Lake Pontchartrain, 80 concrete reef balls were dropped into the lake on January 14. The 1400-pound concrete balls will help promote fishing opportunities in the lake.

The balls are specially designed to promote fishery habitat formation. They are dome-shaped hollow cement structures with large holes to allow water to flow through them.

The coordinates for the newly constructed reef are latitude 30 degrees 16 minutes 17 seconds north and longitude 90 degrees 3 minutes 45 seconds west. This places it about 5 miles south of Mandeville.

LDWF actively works to maintain and improve fishing opportunities across the state. This experimental reef will be monitored to determine the effectiveness of this type of reef.

For more information, contact Rick Kasprzak at 225/765-2375 kasprzak_ra@wlf.state.la.us