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Tuesday, June 08, 2004

PTNNT conserves coral reefs with 2000 reef balls

In coordination with the community and local government, PT Newmont Nusa Tenggara (PTNNT) began a multi-year artificial reef program with the placement of 14 of a planned 2000 reef balls in Benete Bay, West Sumbawa, NTB, Saturday (5/6). This event, coincides with the commemoration of World Environment Day.

“The coral reef conservation program is one of PTNNT’s commitments to go beyond the requirements of the AMDAL in our efforts to conserve the environment, near the Batu Hijau mine,” said Phil Brumit, General Manager Operations PTNNT.

The program aims at providing habitat for coral and fish. These specialize reef balls provide a place for natural coral reefs and fish to propagate. “This will allow marine biota to grow and develop in and around the reef balls and should increase the fishery in the area,” Phil Brumit explained.

In the meantime, Environment Manager, Grant Batterham, explained that in addition to improving marine productivity, coral reef conservation will also become diving spots for tourism, helps to protect beaches and the community from wave abrasion and marine current, as well as becomes a model for the community, the business people, and the government.

“For 2004, PTNNT plans to produce and place approximately 300 reef balls. By 2010, the company will have produced 2000 ball reefs to be placed in the waters of Benete, Maluk, and Jelengah at total cost of Rp900 million,” Grant Batterham added. “The production of all ball reefs employs local contractors and local workforces,” Grant Batterham said.

Reef balls are made in accordance with a special formula of sand, cement, gravel and silica and will form the backbone for new reefs to grow. Reef balls are harmless to the environment and have been widely used in many locations around the world to improve marine ecosystems. PT Newmont Minahasa Raya in North Sulawesi province has successfully implemented the largest program of this type in the world.*

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