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Congratulations to the 2005 QuikScience Challenge Winning Teams...

First Place:
Mira Costa High School (Roundhouse Aquarium)
Manhattan Beach, CA

Advisors: Cali Turner and Christine Buckius
Project was titled “pHun with the Ocean,” which referred to their lesson
plan on using the pH scale to characterize acids and bases. For their
public service project the team went to a local elementary school and taught an interactive lesson about pH, salinity, and pollution. Completed a thorough ocean audit of both teachers and students, and turned in a poster board, a video of their public service, a portfolio, and a collection of digital photos. Research was centered on the topic of artificial reef habitats, i.e. “reef balls.”

Second Place:
Animo Leadership Charter High School
Inglewood, CA

Advisor: Mark Friedman
Project was titled “QuikScience Community Awareness Project, Mission: Lennox.” This team sought to reach out to their surrounding community, Lennox, which is primarily Mexican, and educate them about the effects of pollution and littering on their daily lives. Created a public survey in both English and Spanish and intend to distribute it to their school and other surrounding schools. Created a proposal for a plan to educate and change behavior that contributes to pollution and consumption of unsafe seafood. Completed their ocean audit, and turned in a marine pollution lesson plan, poster board, portfolio, and PowerPoint presentation.

Honorable Mention:
Ventura High School
Ventura, CA

Advisor: Woody Maxwell
Project was titled “Saving Our Break,” and referred to the local surf break that the students surf at. The team’s public service project was to cut and remove harmful re-bar from concrete pilings on the beach. They put together a DVD on the service project, and also turned in information on their audit, a lesson plan on sailing ships, and a research proposal to study beach erosion near the mouth of the Ventura River.

First Place:
John Adams Middle School
Santa Monica, CA

Advisor: Brigitte Steinmetz
This team turned in their entire project on a single CD, in the form of an
electronic portfolio. This portfolio included a thorough ocean audit with
examples of lesson plans in use, a new lesson plan/lab on beach erosion, and a video highlighting different aspects of their project. The team’s public service project was to organize a local beach clean-up with Heal the Bay utilizing students from their school. The clean-ups are still ongoing today.

Second Place:
St. Mary's Middle School
Fullerton, CA

Advisor: Joy Martin
This team’s project centered around a trip to Dana Point Harbor, where they conducted water quality chemistry and plankton tests. For their public service project they will be sharing information on the San Juan Creek Watershed with two schools in Minnesota and Michigan, who will in turn share information about the Mississippi River. The team created an activity to make bead bracelets which represent the water cycle and pollution. A completed poster board and portfolio were turned in, along with background information collected for the project.

Honorable Mention:
La Canada 7-8 High School
La Canada, CA

Advisor: Hilary Gregg
This team turned in a thorough ocean audit with many examples of lesson plans in use at their school. For their public service project, hundreds of Seafood Watch cards were ordered, and the students intend to pass them out to peers when they arrive. The team created a lesson plan which presented a clever analogy to overfishing, and also added a lesson plan on tsunamis (subsequent to the December 26 events). A completed portfolio and poster board were turned in to present their project.

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