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Over 500,000 reef balls Have been deployed  … worldwide.”



RubberRock Gets Fishey Treatment
Granulated rubber produced from waste tires at Florida Tire Recycling is being used as light weight aggregate for the fabrication of artificial reef structures. Called “reef balls”, the Swiss cheese-like structures are used primarily to restore ailing coral reefs, create new sites for scuba diving or fishing. and provide habitat for marine life. On average each reef ball produces about 400 pounds of bio-mass (animal or plant life) each year. Reef balls have a life expectance of 500 years. Over 100,000 reef balls have been deployed in 1,500 projects worldwide making the structure the most widely used design in the world. Reef balls have been have been deployed extensively throughout Florida’s costal waters including Charlotte, Sarasota, Brevard and Broward counties. For more information on reef balls contact Reef Ball Development Group, Ltd at Reef Ball or call 941/752-0169.