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Reef ball recipe



Air Compressor  Fiberglass molds

Cooking OIL          Tether Balls

Metal clamps    Concrete

10 Students       Buoys

1 lb of sugar      Nails

Pallets       Dowels

Rebar        Sand


  The first step to creating a Reef Ball is gathering students for an inventory of needed materials and supplies. Then assemble for mold construction. This involves pinning together pieces of each mold respective to size and alignment. This is anchored to a large wooden pallet which is then coated with cooking oil to promote a nice, non-stick surface.  Line inner seam covering pallet with sand so there are no leaks. Then, pin tether balls into place.  After final inflation of tether balls, spray inner surface of mold, including tether ball, COMPLETELY with sugar water. Therefore you will have a nice, rough texture on the outside. Next, install large, orange poly form buoy with one inch rebar on top of the mold. Inflate to full capacity.  Buoy should expand to press against tether balls.  Next, let concrete mix well with micro silica (for strength) then pour evenly into mold. Hit the mold with a rubber mallet all the way around to remove air pockets.  Let set up overnight and hatch.....voila'!