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Reef Balls Down Under
    Artificial modules or 'reef balls' have arrived in Australia. According to Green MARINE International, these are tried and tested and an excellent option for creating artificial reefs.
    Green MARINE International claim that reef balls are eco-friendly and aesthetically pleasing concrete modules that mimic natural coral heads. They have a special surface texture, pH neutralised concrete and numerous holes to encourage growth of hard and soft corals, algae and attracting fish.
    But they are produced by a patented mould system developed by Reef Ball Development Group Ltd in the USA. Concrete companies can supply or even 'donate' end-of-day waste concrete therefore reducing the cost of raw material.
    Reef Balls can be floated and towed to their drop site by using an internal bladder or deployed by barge.
    Green MARINE International is the Reef Ball contractor/distributor for Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea so for further information call Dave Lennon on ph/fax (07) 3219 5005 or email: gmidavid@tpgi.com.au

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