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Local Sports
Up The Creek:
By:KEITH WALTERS October 04, 2002

  The next meeting of CCA MD's Mid-Shore chapter will be Oct. 10, at 7:30 p.m. Wayne Young of Maryland Environmental Service (MES) will speak on non-traditional approaches for habitat restoration. Using a show-and-tell format he will present photographic material, a scale model, and actual examples of Reef Ball technology (i.e., an "oyster ball", the smallest sized deployable Reef Ball unit). 

 Mr. Young will focus on the introduction of Reef Ball technology to the upper Bay in support of oyster recovery efforts, the potential of this technology to enhance the structure and habitat at the permitted artificial fishing reef sites, and the opportunities for CCA members and others to assist in improving the artificial fishing reef sites. 

 MES holds the permits and manages placement of suitable materials on existing artificial reefs in the upper Bay.

 Other non-traditional projects to be covered include an overview of the beneficial use of dredged material and how it is being applied in island restoration at Poplar Island.



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