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Editorial: Foster petition drive Commissioner's charter changes would return Stuart to 'good old boy' days
Stuart City Commissioner Charles Foster wants the voters to change the city's charter to return to the time when the "good old boys" could run roughshod over the city manager and staff. Foster says his trio of proposals would let the people have some voice in city government through their commissioners.

Editorial: EU military goes solo
The European Union is embarking on an interesting experiment: it is sending an armed peacekeeping force to the eastern Congo.

Editorial: Publicity briar patch
On Monday, the nation's store of knowledge will be enhanced by the official appearance of Living History, former first lady and now Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton's memoirs. Unofficially, the book caused an explosion of buzz this week when a bootleg copy fell into the hands of the Associated Press. It would be uncharitable to ask why and how the huge wire service came to possess the 562-page volume.

Editorial: Another Earth?
Until recently, planets have proved maddeningly elusive.

Editorial: Utility's wanderlust
Jupiter Island-owned South Martin Regional Utility wants to extend its service area west of Pratt-Whitney Road, even though that area is outside the Martin County urban services district.   POLL »

Editorial: Opinion sampler
Excerpted editorial opinion from other newspapers, compiled from the News' wire services.

Editorial: Still manipulating
Unable to flood the federal court of Senior U.S. District Judge William Hoeveler with paid lobbyists, as it did the Florida Legislature and Gov. Jeb Bush's office, Big Sugar now wants to remove the judge from continuing to supervise the cleanup of the Florida Everglades.

Editorial: The D-Day difference
As dawn broke over the English Channel on June 6, 1944, the German defenders of occupied France looked out on a stunning — and terrifying — sight: an armada of 5,000 ships carrying 110,000 soldiers, shielded by an aerial umbrella of 12,000 aircraft. It was the retribution of the world come to call on the Nazi regime.

Editorial: Whither the weapons?
Congress is reluctant to challenge President Bush on issues of national security, but there are times when hard questions must be asked, and one that demands an answer from the administration is: What happened to Iraq's weapons of mass destruction?   POLL »

Editorial: Corn in your tank
The Senate should vote down a proposal to double to 5 billion gallons the amount of ethanol the government requires to be blended with gasoline.   POLL »

Editorial: Handshake summit
The G-8 summit that just concluded in France was really about handshakes, and by that standard the summit was judged a success.   POLL »

Editorial: Ducking secrecy issue
The Supreme Court last week passed up a chance to uphold the principle of open government.

Editorial: No fireworks?
Some communities relying on rail transport may not get their fireworks in time for the Fourth of July because of infighting among the departments of Homeland Security, Transportation and Justice.

Editorial: 3-term president?
Former President Clinton has floated an intriguing proposal: Two-term presidents should be allowed to run again after sitting out a term.

Editorial: New neighbor, Iran
The White House is privately rethinking its policy toward Iran, with one influential element within the administration arguing that the United States should be tougher and more confrontational with the regime in Tehran.

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