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Silicon Valley/San Jose Business Journal - 3:24 PM PDT Wednesday

Tech Museum awards 25 global Laureates

San Jose's Tech Museum of Innovation Wednesday announced 25 Laureates for its black tie awards gala to be presented by Applied Materials Inc.

Silicon Valley leaders and representatives from the United Nations Development Programme, The World Bank Institute, and Santa Clara University, are scheduled to honor all 25 on Nov. 9 for "their pioneering work in developing technology for the benefit of humanity." Five Laureates will share a $250,000 cash prize.

Getting Intel Environment Awards for developing or using technologies that conserve and protect the planet's ecosystems are CTx GreEn, Kitchener, Ontario; Envirofit International Ltd., Fort Collins, Colo.; Enviro Options (Pty) Ltd., Kya Sands, South Africa; Norman Holy of Better Gear, Yardley, Pa.; and the Reef Ball Foundation, Woodstock, Ga.

Getting the Accenture Economic Development Award for providing innovative technology solutions to overcome significant barriers to economic development in non-industrial countries: ABT Insulpanel, Richmond Hill, Ontario; BMS, Friars Hill, W. Va.; Malnutrition Matters, Ottawa, Ontario; SELCO Solar Light Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore, India; and WorldFish Center, Penang, Malaysia.

Microsoft Education Awards, for delivering technology applications that remove barriers to education such as computer and Internet access, infrastructure problems, language, and poverty, will go to: Gilbert Clark, Telescopes in Education Foundation, in Altadena, Calif.; Design that Matters Inc., Cambridge, Mass.; Fahamu, Networks for Social Justice, Oxford, UK; In2Books, Washington, DC ; and MIT OpenCourseWare, Cambridge, Mass.

Agilent Technologies Foundation Health Awards, for leveraging technology to improve the safety and efficiency of health care in marginalized communities and the rest of the world, will go to: Hib Vaccine Team, Cuba/Canada; OraSure Technologies Inc., Bethlehem, Pa.; Partners In Health, Boston, Mass.; Project IMPACT, Berkeley, Calif,; and Dr. Joshua Silver, University of Oxford, UK.

Knight Ridder Equality Awards, for using technology to overcome human rights violations and improve the local democratic process, will go to AMD, Sunnyvale, Calif,; AnthroTronix Inc., Silver Spring, Md.; CEMINA (Communication, Education and Information on Gender), Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; Centre for the Improvement of Working Conditions & Environment, Lahore, Pakistan; and Human Rights In China, New York, NY/Hong Kong.

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