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Artificial reef coming to life


Last update: June 11, 2005

On Wednesday, Flagler County will get a new artificial offshore reef. The site will consist of 110 man-made reef balls and will be located 16 miles east of Matanzas Inlet and .2 miles at 145 degrees from the sunken barge. When I get the exact numbers, I will pass them on.

Congratulations to the volunteers of the Flagler County Reef program for their efforts in making the site possible.

Someone asked me the other day if I could put something in this article about careless boaters on our waterways. I must agree with this person as I, too, have witnessed some careless acts in the past few weeks now that more boaters are out and about. As our waters get more crowded every year, it is up to the individual vessel owner to operate his craft in a safe manner.

Safety also pertains to the passengers. One of the biggest dangers I see is people riding on the bow with their feet hanging off the front. This is an accident waiting to happen.

Remember, boats have no brakes. If someone falls off the bow, they will more than likely be run over by the boat's prop and I can't imagine how badly that would hurt, not to mention it could result in death.

Then there are people who will take a small child and, as the boat is under way, hang him or her overboard to clean them off. Then we have the people who ride on the gunnels with legs hanging overboard while under way. I could go on about this but I think you get the idea. It comes down to common sense. It may just save someone's life.

Offshore the fishing remains good. Cobia and king mackerel are hitting on the reefs and wrecks. Farther out, the dolphin bite is on. Captain Ralph Olivett had two junior anglers offshore the other day who had some pretty impressive catches. Michael Synder had a 49.5-pound king mackerel and Freddie Ferrera had a 47-pound cobia. Way to go guys!

Inshore I have found the fishing to be a little slow right now for trout and snook. I expect some improvement here as some of the freshwater flushes out of the river.

The slow tidal currents we are having also hinder the fishing. Look for the current to pick up as the new moon phase begins. It will be at its strongest when it starts to become full.

Debbie Hogan of the Palm Coast Marina reports Bob Aquaro was offshore for a 22.10-pound king mackerel.

Paul Roben from Flagler Discount Bait and Tackle reports Shawn Reid fished the surf for a 27-inch red and Sonny Reid had seven pompano and 10 whiting caught on sand fleas and fish bites.

Bill Allgire at Flagler Ocean Pier Bait and Tackle reports the fishing is a little off right now but some bull whiting and flounder are being caught.

Rob Ottlein, a Flagler fishing guide, can be reached at (386) 439-2636.

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