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Octopus' Garden?

A company called Eternal Reefs has come up with a gem of an idea. Have your ashes contribute to the great chain of life by becoming part of a coral reef!

The concept is simple yet ingenious: your ashes will be mixed in with the concrete as the reef ball is created. There will be a plaque so that identification can be made of the deceased. The artificial memorial reef unit should last for at least 500 years! According to the FAQ on the website the reef should not move from its location and those that were hit by hurricanes during the 1998 hurricane season remained where they were.

Eternal Reefs have placed their artificial reef units in more than 300 different locations so far. Although there has been some environmental concern over the amount of pollutants in the air due to the recent increase in cremation's popularity, this is one way of giving something positive back to the environment should cremation be your chosen method of disposition.

It is possible for the family and friends to attend the deployment of their loved one's memorial reef. The utilization of a charter boat service is usually the way that families attend such special ceremonies. Later, if the deceased's family and friends wish to view the memorial reef, a visit can be arranged by boat. From the boat it is possible to fish and/or dive on the memorial reef.

However, if it is not possible for some people to attend the service or revisit the location of the reefs, a program is being created whereby photographs and video footage of the reefs as they mature. The executor of the estate will receive certificates stating the latitude and longitude of the reef; the coordinates are recorded as the reef is set on the seabed.

If, for example, a husband and wife wish to be together in such a fashion after they have died, then by saving some of the ashes from whomever dies first, the ashes from both people can be put together in individual units in what is known as a communal memorial reef. If you want to find out more, then visit and discover how you can become part of an ocean's ecology.

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