December 1 & 2, 2000

Cape Eleuthera Island School
Science Research Presentations
Followed By A
Discussion on the Role of Education in Conservation
and Community Outreach Science Fair with Eleuthera 6th grade students

Schedule of Events:
9:00 AM    Introduction to the Island School
9:30 AM    Student science research presentations
12:00 Noon  Lunch
1:00 PM    Discussion among attendees about education and conservation in the Bahamas
2:30 PM    Optional exploration of the environment: boating, scuba diving, snorkeling
6:00 PM    Dinner
7:30 PM    Conference attendees present to community on their line of work and study
9:00 AM    Local sixth graders arrive
9:30 AM    Science fair begins; teachers and conference attendees evaluate posters on environmental stewardship
12:00 Noon  Lunch
1:00 PM    Conference adjourns

The May 5th 2000 presentations included the following attendees:
The Honorable Theresa Moxey-Ingraham- Minister of Commerce, Agriculture & Industry
The Honorable Anthony Miller, MP -Representative, South Eleuthera
Cynthia Boothe - Senior Education Officer, Science and Technology, Ministry od Education
Carnetta Ferguson -District Superintendent of Education, South Eleuthera
Johnley Ferguson -Island Administrator, Eleuthera
Michael Braynen -Director, Department of Fisheries
Carl Smith -Director, Department of Agriculture
Sir Nicholas Nuttall -Director, Bahamas Reef Environment Educational Foundation
Dr. Kathleen Sullivan -Marine Biology Research Scientist, University of Miami, Nature Conservancy
Ronald Thompson -Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Commerce, Agriculture, & Industry, Former Director of Fisheries
Vallierre Deleveaux -Senior Research Scientist, Department of Fisheries
Stew Morrison - National Creeks and Wetlands Restoration Initiative, former head of Ducks Unlimited Canada
Bob Wicklund -Marine Biology Research Scientist, University of North Carolina, Wilmington, Institute for Caribbean Studies
Dr. Marvin Moss - Physical Oceanographer, University of North Carolina, Wilmington, Institute for Caribbean Studies
Dr. Craig Dahlgren - Director of Fisheries, Caribbean Marine Research Center
Neil Sealey -Publisher, Media Enterprises Nassau, Editor of Bahamas Journal of Science
Bill and Sally Searle -SALWIL Foundation

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