Turning your dearly departed into a Living Reef

Eternal Reefs(tm) Inc. is a business with strong ties to the Reef Ball Development Group Ltd. The business provides an ecologically sound option for dispersal of cremated remains. By integrating the ashes into the structures that create artificial reefs, Eternal Reefs provide living memorials that are both ecologically sound and cost effective.
The idea was born when Carleton Glen Palmer, father of one of the founding members of RBDG and terminally ill, requested that his cremated remains be memorialized in reef balls and made into an Eternal Reef. In May of last year, ten Nautilus and 20 Aquarius memorial reef units were cast and deployed to create a memorial reef.
There are a few different kinds of structures available:
A Marine Sanctuary Reef is a protected area that is aimed at rebuilding the local ecosystem and providing a sanctuary for marine life. A Diving and Fishing Reef is a more public area for recreation that is not protected from marine life harvest.
The reef units are donated to to state, county and local governments to be added to ongoing reef development programs. Options include certificates, memorial plaques, dedications and deployments.
For more information contact Eternal Reefs, Inc., 1066 Berkeley Rd., Avondale Estates, GA 30002 or phone (404) 966-7333. Visit the website at http://www.eternalreefs.com/.