Even after your gone, you can give something back to the ocean yourself, and create

new life in the process.

Atlanta, GA -- Eternal Reefs Inc., the only environmentally positive burial
option, will be featured in the Discovery Channel documentary, "Extreme
Funerals" airing Friday, December 13th at 10:00 PM EST.

This past summer, The Discovery Channel traveled with Eternal Reefs Inc. to
Sarasota and Marco Island, Florida for the casting and placement of memorial
reef balls.  These are designed reefs of cast concrete which include the
cremated remains of individuals, to develop local environmental ecosystems.
The network chronicled the "floating placements" of 15 memorial reefs
,including interviews with some of the 40 plus family members who
attended the placement and participated in the memorial service on the water
via the "family boat."

The floating placement included towing the reef balls by boat to the site,
using floating bladders to keep the modules afloat until their placement.
Divers then placed the reef balls on the bottom of the ocean floor, creating

an environmental living legacy that will benefit future generations.

Join Eternal Reefs on December 13th as The Discovery Channel explores these
fascinating human interest stories and learn more about the creation and evolution of
this unique memorial option.

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