Mandarin High School
4831 Greenland Road Jacksonville, Florida 32258 (904) 260-3911

Milton H. Threadcraft, Jr., Ph.D.

November 30, 2000 
Todd Barber 

President, RBDG, Ltd.
6916 22nd St. West 
Bradenton, FL 34207


Just an update on how things are going in this neck of the woods. We got this sign made to publicize the Project, and already it has paid off. I received a phone call yesterday from Christine Newman in the Public Relations department of the Northeast Florida Builders Association. When she saw the Tarmac logo on the sign, she called them to see what they are doing for us, since Tarmac is a member of the NEFBA. The sales manager told them they supply us with donated concrete, so now, she wants to do an interview on Monday with some of the students, the sales manager and me to do a story in their magazine.

Once it comes out, I will forward a copy to you and Kathy to let you see how it came out. Also, I am taking a field trip with four of my students this weekend to the Keys to dive on the Reef Balls down in Islamorada and meet with David Makepeace to see about doing a student exchange program with his kids and mine. I am making a video of the trip to be added to video I have been recording of the entire process of making and deploying the Reef Balls. When it gets done, I will send you a copy of that as well. It is all being shot on a Sony 3CCD digital camera, so the quality is excellent.

Thanks for all your continued support, and I will keep in touch.