Reef Ball Project Progress

 TIDELINES Issue 3 - March/April 2003

By Bill Huppert

The Reef Ball Workshop on January 8 generated so much interest and enthusiasm that two schools found indoor locations to begin building reef balls before the end of the month. Hammond Elementary School students in Howard County under the dynamic leadership of Sally Oswald found space in a corridor where her 5th grade students eagerly participate. In nearby Prince George's County, Christine Maconachy works with her environmental class students in a space near the boiler room of High Point High School.

By mid-January, Bill Lynch, carpentry teacher at Southeastern Tech in Baltimore County, began producing reef balls in his shop. By the time you read this his team will have reached their goal of 14 units. At nearby Sparrows Point High School environmental education students under the direction of Donna Moran Darcey started production on January 30.

More schools and groups are planning to participate in the near future and each one is expected to build a minimum of six units. As more people get involved in the Memorial Stadium Oyster/Fishing Reef Project they will become more aware of the many problems in the Bay as well as ways in which they can help. They also recognize that the MSSA works to help - Save the Bay.