Pelican Press - Lifestyles
September 28, 2000

Sarasota Waters


The Reef Ball Foundation and several allied groups, including Sarasota County Marine Resources Division, the National Estuary Program, and The School In The Park at McClellan Park, are teaming up to _ offer Reef Balls for residents who-own docks in Sarasota County.

The school kids will do the public awareness campaigns, help dock owners determine if their dock is suitable for Reef Balls, and take orders for the Reef Balls. Moneys will be collected by the Reef Ball Foundation so that fees charged for the reefs will be a charitable contribution and at least some portion can be deducted on taxes.

The Reef Ball Foundation will then subcontract with Reef Innovations to do the actual construction and deployment of the Reef Balls. The National Estuary Program is offering the school a grant of up to $5,000 to help develop the community awareness brochures and get the word out to residents.

Both Sarasota County Marine Resources Division and the NEP are helping the kids to obtain the necessary permissions so that the resident dock owners don't have to do any of the paperwork themselves. The remainder of the money after construction and deployment will be donated to the School in the Park where the kids will man the money themselves to go on educational trips, etc.

For more information, call Todd Barber at 752-0169.