Rotary Reef at Port Dickson Malaysia

The Rotary Club of Brickfields (Malaysia) has decided to adopt a Reef Building Project in line with this years theme "Sow the Seeds of Love" . Visit their site at http://www.rotarybrickfields.info/ for the latest updates on the project. Also visit their project page at http://www.rotarybrickfields.info/Pages/Reefball.htm to learn more of their project objectives.

The pictures below were taken on the 24th of November 2002 at the Admiralty Cove Marina in Port Dickson when we built 4 reef balls together with the Rotary Club member volunteers.

The Reef Balls will be deployed from the Admiralty Cove Marina in Jan 2003

The Reef ball Team having a meal at the Marina Restaurant before building the reef balls

This 1956 Land Rover Series 1 was used to transport the moulds and materials to the site

The Reef ball Team, Wong, Teresa, Pamela and Aero

The special mix of concrete was made in a small cement mixer loaded on the Land Rover

The Moulds after casting

The Moulds after casting

Wong gives the Rotary volunteers a briefing before the works begin

The Reef ball Asia team preparing the site before the volunteers arrive

The Rotary Team of Volunteers pose for the press photographer

More of the Volunteers

And more of the Rotary Reef building volunteers