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(November 30, 1998)

Exploring the Ocean Planet: Links

International Year of the Ocean (IYO)
United States ISO: 888-4YOT098 or www.yoto98.noaa.gov
United Nations IYO: http://ioc.unesco.org/iyo
American Oceans Campaign: 800-8-OCEAN-0 or www.americanoceans.org
U.S. National Park Service: 505-988-6750 or www.nps.gov/scru/home.htm
National Marine Sanctuaries: 301-713-3145 or www.nos.noaa.gov/ocrm/nmsp
Ocean 98: www.ocean98.org/ocean98.html

Aquarium links: www.aza.org
Aquarium of the Americas: 800-774-7394 or www.auduboninstitute.org
Long Beach Aquarium of the Pacific: 562-590-3100 or www.aquariumofpacific.org
Monterey Bay Aquarium: 408-648-4800 or www.mbayaq.org
Mystic Aquarium: 860-572-5955 or www.mysticaquarium.org
National Aquarium in Baltimore: 410-576-3800 or www.aqua.org
New England Aquarium: 617-973-5200 or www.neaq.org
Oceans Pavilion: www.expo98.pt/en/pavoceanos.html
Tennessee Aquarium: 423-266-3467 or www.tennis.org
IMAX: www.imax.com

Bay Model Visitor Center: 415-332-3871
Independence Seaport Museum: 215-925-5439 or www.scat.temple.edu/seaport
The Mariners' Museum: 757-596-2222 or www.mariner.org
Museum of Man in the Sea: 850-235-4101
Mystic Seaport: 860-572-5315 or www.mysticseaport.org
San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park: 415-556-3002 or www.maritime.org
Graveyard of the Atlantic: 919-986-2995
Maritime museum links: www.bobhudson.com/Smiths/index.html and http://pc-78-120.udac.se:8001/www/Nautica/Pointers/Museums.htm

Coral Cay Conservation: 44-171-498-6248 or www.coralcay.org
Reef Ball Development Group: 941-752-0169 or www.reefball.com
Reef education guide/links: www.reef.org
Project AWARE: 714-540-0251 or www.projectaware.org

Scuba Diving
NAUI: 813-628-6284 or www.naui.org
PADI: 800-729-7234 or www.padi.com
SSI: 970-482-0883 or www.ssiusa.com
YMCA: 770-662-5172 or www.ymcascuba.org

Great white shark stories: www.greendivers.com
Hydrosphere expeditions: 310-230-3334 or www.hydrosphere-expedition.com
Mike Ball Dive Expeditions: 888-MIKEBALL or www.mikeball.com/great_white.html
San Diego Shark Diving Expeditions: 888-SDSHARK or www.sdsharkdiving.com
Shark bytes and links: www.sharkbites.com
Shark Research Institute: 609-921-3522 or www.sharks.org
Stuart Cove's Dive South Ocean: www.stuartcove.com

Submersibles, habitats and space
Aquarius undersea habitat: www.uncwil.edu/nurc/aquarius
Atlantis Submarines: 888-732-5782 or www.goatlantis.com
Clips of deep-sea vents: www.pmel.noaa.gov/vents/geology/video.html
Jules' Undersea Lodge: 305-451-2353 or www.jul.com
Ocean from space: http://eospso-gsfc.nasa.gov/eos_homepage/images.html
U.S. submarine tourist information: http://ussubs.com
Zegrahm DeepSea Voyages: 888-772-2366 or www.deepseavoyages.com

Whales, dolphins and manatees
American Cetacean Society: www.acsonline.org
Dolphin Quest: 540-687-5958 or www.dolphinquest.org
Manatees: www.wwclyde.com/manateejunction and www.adventurequest.com/adven/nature.htm
Mirage Hotel: 800-627-6667 or www.mirage.com
Oceanic Society Expeditions: 800-326-7491 or www.oceanic-society.org
Sea Shepherd Conservation Society: 310-301-7325 or www.seashepherd.org
Whaleclub: www.whaleclub.com
Wildquest: 800-326-1618 or www.wildquest.com
World Wide Web Virtual Library-Whalewatching: www.physics.helsinki.fi/whale

ExpIoraMar: 415-389-6644 or www.exploramar.com
JASON Project: www.jasonproject.org
Jean-Michel Cousteau Institute: 805-899-8899
Outward Bound: 914-424-4000 or www.outwardbound.org
School for Field Studies: 978-927-7777 or www.fieldstudies.org
Sea Education Association: 800-552-3633 or www.sea.edu