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    Photo by: Nick Buckley
    "World Record Freediver Tanya Streeter"
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    World Record Free diver Tanya Streeter will be joining other ocean lovers on a one week trip to Dominica to help build an artificial reef during EARTH DAY, April 22, 2000. The excursion, April 18th to the 25th is being offered by the Reef Ball Coalition to all divers and non-divers, essentially anyone looking for a great vacation while tangibly leaving the ocean a better place.

    Tanya Streeter is a 4 time World Record holder and will be inducted into the Woman Divers Hall of Fame at the “Beneath the Sea 2000 Show” on March 25th in Secaucus, New Jersey.

    Tanya has always been extremely aware of the need to educate people about ocean ethics, conservation and preservation, and is frequently invited to use her popularity to bring awareness to various conservation groups and their efforts. “As a lifelong waterbaby and more recently a world record freediver, I have often seen first hand cases of devastating reef damage. I believe that the Reef Ball groups work to repair, restore and create reefs

    around the world is extremely valuable to our ecosystem.” What better way to promote good ocean ethics than by helping build a reef on EARTH DAY.

    Participants will enjoy a week in the Caribbean with Tanya Streeter and other ocean lovers that includes plenty of time for snorkeling, diving, kayaking, whale watching and, of course, reef building. Land package prices start at $1,099. for non-divers and $1,239. for divers. Space is limited so call the Reef Ball Coalition at 800 831-5731 for a brochure and to reserve your space as soon as possible. Or check out their web site at www.reefballcoalition.org.

    For more information on the Earth Day event try this link:

    Coral Reef Alliance.


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