Founded  by the
Wrightsville Beach
King Mackerel Tournament

A special "THANK YOU" for the donations of 
Wayne Zeigler
Tex Peterson (2)
Bertha and Phil Phillips
Sammy Corbett
Tex's Tackle (2)
Mike and Rita Merritt
Gary Dowless
Hanover Seafood
Raiford Trask (Memorial)
Janet Beason
Dale Hull and Gail Jackson
Britt and Donna Starling
Ed Edwards - (Memorial)
Dr. Emma Jane Lackey - Scotts Hill Animal Hospital
Jeff Scott - Greenville Loop Seafood 
Cape Fear Grady Club
Don Bailey, DDS
Sue Guyton 
Bill Doyle
 Also, a special thanks to Burrows Smith who has 
committed to contribute a large amount of reef material 
to further enhance the project. Thank you, Burrows!

A special "Thank You" to Mike McCarley of Atlantic Diving for additional reef material.  Thanks to Mike. 

If you are interested in making a donation, please 
contact Rita Merritt, WBKMT, P. O. Box 864, Wrightsville Beach, NC 28480 or by phone 910.256.3197. You can also email Rita Merritt at