(Blushing) Star Coral (Common Name) [On Plug Left]

Stephanocoenia Michilini


Suborder: Astrocoeniina

Family: Astrocoeniinae




Size: ½:-2’ colonies, (Published Data + Personal Observation)

Known Depth Ranges: 10-130 Feet (Published data)

Known Temperature Range: 52-92 F (Range Observed)

Known Current Range: 0-5 knots (Personal Observation)

Known Silt Tolerance: Moderate to good tolerance (From site conditions/observations)

Known Salinity Range: 1.019-1.026 (Estimated)



Transplant Documentation:


90% Overall Success Rate.  Hardy, most difficult part is obtaining a suitable cutting.  Wounds heal slowly, but don’t seem to be likely to get.  Grows ¼”-1/2” per year—one of the most rapid growing of brainlike corals but still very slow.  Slow attachment to plugs…sometimes 6 months or more in tanks.  Be sure to have an edge touching the plug to insure growth and attachment.


Propagation Documentation:


Will break at edges with sharp cutters often forming “teardrops” or other overhang features which can be propogated. 


Other Notes:



First RDBG transplanting in 2001, Tank Conditions

5 Transplants by RBDG

0% Deaths to Transplants (One did not attach and needed to be re-tranplanted with edge in concrete)

0% Deaths to Mother Corals.