Smooth Flower Coral (Common Name)


[Picture not yet available, See Page 163 of Paul Humann's Reef Coral Identification Book] 

 Eusmilia fastigiata



Size: 1/2-2 1/2 ft

Known Depth Ranges: 3-200 Feet 

Known Temperature Range: 76-86 F (Known temp range where collected)

Known Current Range: 0-3 knots (Personal Observation)

Known Silt Tolerance: somewhat tolerant

Known Salinity Range: 1.019-1.027 



Transplant Documentation:


95% success.  Transplant in firm base as many species will not "base" themselves.


Propagation Documentation:


Very easy, use wire cutters.


Other Notes:


Resistance to Algal Overgrowth:

Eusmilia fastigiata  (Smooth Flower Coral) seems to withstand algae growth very well and after a short period of showing signs of stress (bleaching), damaged tissues heal very fast and the fragments look good.