Fire Corals, Hydrocorals (Common Name)

Many Hydrocoral Species-



Size: Colony to to 4 ft+, . (Personal Observation/published data)

Known Depth Ranges: 1-250 Feet (Published data)

Known Temperature Range: 70-84 (Known temp range where collected)

Known Current Range: 0-5 knots (Personal Observation)

Known Silt Tolerance: moderate to high tolerance (From site conditions)

Known Salinity Range: 1.019-1.027 (From tank Conditions)



Transplant Documentation:


Hydrocorals come in a variety of forms…encrusting, blade, branching, box and lace.  All are easy to transplant, but many species sting unprotected human skin.  Therefore wear gloves when working with such species.  Standard techniques of placing fragments directly in the cement plug work well.  Most of these corals like high current so transplant them as close to the holes in the Reef Balls as possible.  Not being true reef builders, these species can also grow more rapidly than hard corals (and a bit slower than soft corals) so be sure to give them plenty of room to grow.  Be careful, they can overtake an entire Reef Ball and leave you with a monolithic culture of hydrocorals.


Propagation Documentation:

Standard techniques.  Easy.


Other Notes:

Many hydrocorals don’t like light…put them inside the Reef Balls or in darker places where high light corals don’t do well.