Sunray Lettuce Coral (Common Name)

Leptoseris Cucullata


Suborder: Fungiida

Family: Agariciidae




Size: Colony 4-10 inches+ (Personal Observation/published data)

Known Depth Ranges: 10-280 Feet (Published data)

Known Temperature Range: 70-84 (Known temp range where collected)

Known Current Range: 0-3 knots (Personal Observation)

Known Silt Tolerance: moderate to low tolerant (From site conditions)

Known Salinity Range: 1.019-1.027 (From tank Conditions)



Transplant Documentation:


High Success in Curocao & Maldives.  Embed with growing tip up, attach plug to SIDE of Reef Ball (not top) with coralite surface facing up.  Slow grower.


Propagation Documentation:


Use pruning shears to cut.  Sometimes two cuts are required, try to get some growing tip in each propogated fragment.  A little larger does better, 2-3 square inches is sufficient.  Similar techique can be used with most lettuce and plate corals.


Other Notes:

Propogated/transplanted in Curacao, similar species propogated and transplanted in the Maldive Islands.  Seems very hardy.




Agaricia agaricites (Lettuce Coral) has adaptation problems in the beginning that are shown by bleaching. However as long as they hold, don't show damaged tissue and don't get too much "attacks" from algae they show a very healthy appearance after 4 to 5 months. Algae can block outgrow at the base but when the algae are gone clear outgrow has been observed.