Robust Ivory Tree Coral (Common Name)

Oculina robusta


Suborder: Faviida

Family: Oculinidae




Size: 4-30 inch colonies, ¼” –1/2” diameter, Branch to 4” (Personal Observation)

Known Depth Ranges: 20-85 Feet (Personal Observation)

Known Temperature Range: 52-93 F (Known temp range where collected)

Known Current Range: 0-3 knots (Personal Observation)

Known Silt Tolerance: Highly tolerant (From site conditions)

Known Salinity Range: 1.019-1.027 (From tank Conditions)



Transplant Documentation:


100% Success with RBDG transplants in Aquarium setting.  Very Hardy, no antibiotics needed.  Wounds heal quickly, may appear green in corallites at first.  Grows 1-2 inches per year.  Rapid attachment to plugs, above is 4 months growth.  Takes longer to grow over cracks…therefore putty up to plug or use plug the same depth as the hole when possible.  Unlike Acropora, seems to do better starting in an upright position able to opportunistically grow over adjacent hard areas whenever presented.  Species is resistant to bleaching when compared with Ivory Tube Corals which presented with some bleaching in identical conditions.  Good species for beginners.


Propagation Documentation:


Propagates easily with wire cutters.  Wounds heal well without treatment even in tank conditions.  Does not profusely slime.  Start with at least 10-25 corallites.


Other Notes:


RDBG uses this species to test new plug glues, techniques, etc. due to it’s hardiness.


Grows faster when calcium levels are increase in water (tank conditions)

Grows faster when well feed

Grows faster with higher light


First Transplanting in Nov. 1999…Research Permit from Florida Marine Fisheries.

30 Transplants by RBDG

0% Deaths to Transplants

0% Deaths to Mother Corals

Last Transplant Aug 2001