Tube Coral (Common Name)

Cladocora Arbuscula


Suborder: Faviida

Family: Faviidae




Size: Colony 1-6 inches (Personal Observation/published data)

Known Depth Ranges: 3-65 Feet (Published data)

Known Temperature Range: 52-93 F (Known temp range where collected)

Known Current Range: 0-3 knots (Personal Observation)

Known Silt Tolerance: tolerant (From site conditions)

Known Salinity Range: 1.019-1.027 (From tank Conditions)



Transplant Documentation:


95% Success with RBDG transplants in Aquarium setting.  Not a species that is normally transplanted.


Propagation Documentation:


Use needle-nosed pliers to extract a single coralite.  Be careful, if you squeeze too hard you will destroy the coralite.  This takes a little practice.  Then, superglue or use RBDG concrete plug technology to affix the coral.  Note the grow of the side corallites on the picture above to the right…the original transplant only had 1 coralite!



Other Notes:


This species was done in our research labs mostly out of curiosity to find out if individual corallites transplanted.  To our surprise, not only did it survive but it began to propogate new corallites.  Not a reef building species so there is not much incentive to propagate this species.


Grows faster when calcium levels are increase in water (tank conditions)

Grows faster when well feed


First Transplanting in Sept. 1999…Research Permit from Florida Marine Fisheries.

4 Transplants by RBDG

5% Deaths to Transplants

0% Deaths to Mother Colonies

Some corals beached in the tank after 1 year but are still alive and some have regained colors…this was true of only the Mother Colonies, not the transplants

Last Transplant July 2000