April 7-8, 2002 Langkowi Malaysia Working Group Pictures from Mountain Trek for Ridge to Reef Survey

Photos (C) Todd Barber, original high resolution available on request from reefball@reefball.com

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4/17/02 12:24:47 PM
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This man really knew the woods and lead our way. When I got tired, I would just work my way to the front of the group and follow his every footstep....he knew how to move efficiently in the woods.

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4/17/02 12:24:52 PM
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Getting into clean clothes was important, sweat does not dry in the 100% humidity of the woods.

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4/17/02 12:24:57 PM
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Most took a bath to cool down, I did not have that option as my body was not adapted to the local waters. I played it safe and used lots of dry soap...next time I'll bring more water.

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4/17/02 12:25:01 PM
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