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High resolution pictures suitable for printing

Doing an article on Reef Balls? These are currently some of the best pictures we have available in electronic high resolution format for printing in magazines and newspapers. 

Note: Reef Ball allows the free use of our images for publication with the conditions that:

  1. Images are credited to Reef Ball
  2. Contact information for Reef Ball accompanies the picture, either in the caption or the text of an accompanying article. Please use our web address (http://www.reefball.com) and/or our e-mail address (reefball@reefball.com)
  3. A copy of the article once published is forwarded to our offices for our files. Please use address below.
  4. Reef Ball Development Group, Ltd. 69165 22nd Street West, Bradenton, FL 34207 ATTN: PR Department
  5. You must notifiy us whenever you download any pictures from the next page at reefball@reefball.com

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For journalists doing stories on Reef Ball artificial reefs, we would be happy to arrange interviews with the principals of the companies. Contact us for details. Also, many other images from our galleries are available in high resolution...just let us know which ones you are interested in and we'll see if we can track them down