ALFREDO J. TORRUELLA, PhD                787.726.2494

Physical Oceanographer



SKILLS:                     Complex systems analysis, geophysical fluid dynamics, statistical mapping of experimental data, beach erosion/wave impact analisys, environmental impact assesment, computer programming (Fortran, C and Basic on Unix, Macintosh, Windows and DOS platforms), teaching in mathematics and the physical sciences.




1995                            Scripps Institution of Oceanography

                                    Ph.D. in Physical Oceanography; advisor: Dr. Russ Davis.

                                    Dissertation: ”The Fall Upper Ocean Heat Balance In The Northeast Pacific.”


1987                            Dartmouth College

                                    BA in Physics; cum laude, with citations in Statistical Physics and in Plasma Physics.




8/95-present Associate Professor of Physics; University of Puerto Rico, Bayamon (received tenure 4/2000)


6/94-present Co-founder: Caribbean Oceanography Group; consulting firm specializing in physical oceanography and environmental impact assessment.


9/87 - 3/94                Research Assistant; responsible for the analysis of the data from the OCEAN STORMS air-sea interaction experiment. Employer: Dr. Russ Davis, Physical Oceanography Research Department, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, University of California San Diego, San Diego, California.


CONSULTING; Consultant for Empresas Ferrer. Wave Refraction/Diffraction, Bathymetric, Hydraulic Stability Analyses and design of expansion for Villa Marina Yacht Harbor, Fajardo, Puerto Rico. (Feb-June 2003)


                                    Consultant for Stanford Developement Company. Developed Coastal Zone Management Plan for Maiden Island, Antigua, West Indies, Wave Refraction/Diffraction, Bathymetric, Hydraulic Stability Analyses . (March 2002-present)


                                    Consultant for Gutierrez, Latimer & Gutierrez. Conducting Tidal Analysis, Shadow Analysis, Wave Refraction Analysis & Sea-wall and Artificial Reef Design for Princesa del Mar Project. (February 2001)


                                    Expert Witness for the Law Offices of William Estrella.”The Prevalent Oceanographic Conditions and Dynamics Near The Island of Palominos on October 16,1998.”(July 2000).


Expert Witness for Mercado & Soto. “Report Concerning the Oceanographic Conditions at the San Juan Harbor on December 31, 1990.”(Feb.1996)


Consultant for Caribe Playa Resort, Salinas, PR.

“Evaluation of the causes of the beach erosion at the Caribe Playa Resort and Design of breakwater to mitigate the problem.”(Dec.1995).


Consultant for Marina de Ponce, Ponce, P.R.

“Breakwater Design and Environmental Impact Assesment for Marina de Ponce."(July 1994).




                                    Captain, 1990 California State Taekwondo Team; top ranked welterweight in California for 1990 season; fought for California at the 1990 US National Championships, held in Madison, Wisconsin.


                                    Member, 1985 Puerto Rico Hobie Cat Team; sailed for Puerto Rico at the 1985 Hobie Cat World Championships, held in Isla Verde, Puerto Rico.



References available upon request.