trained this week at Reef Innovations and is getting it's first Reef Ball
molds for a project for the sustained management of the Wayuu artisanal
fishery and conservation of marine fauna at the Cape of La Vela in the State
of La Guajira, Columbia.
The program will include educational efforts, reef building, coral
propagation and transplanting, harvest restrictions and other management
tools to improve the oceanic ecosystems of the area.

2) Florida Wildlife Commission has announced the call for artificial reef
grant applications for fiscal year 2003-2004 for projects in the State of
Florida, contact Keith Milles at Keith.Mille@fwc.state.fl.us for your
application packet by email.  Florida artificial reef coordinators note that
Reef Balls have always been approved for these grants when the grant is
submitted properly filled out meeting the legislative requirements.  Don't
risk loosing this year's grant by using materials of opportunity...choose a
designed reef and get exactly what your program goals are looking for in an
artificial reef.

3) The NOAA Restoration Center is pleased to announce funding available in
2003 to implement grass roots habitat restoration projects that will benefit
living marine resources, including anadromous fish, under the NOAA
Community-based Restoration Program (CRP). NOAA grants application forms are
available at: http://www.nmfs.noaa.gov/habitat/restoration.  Look under the
"Community-based Restoration Program" section.

4) Reef Ball Headquarters Staff will travel to Curacao from Mon-Thursday
next week to do monitoring and beach restoration survey work.

5) Reef Ball Staff (Kathy Kirbo and Todd Barber) will train Royal Caribbean
Cruise Line's Sovereign of the Sea staff on coral propagation and
transplanting techniques for their Coco Cay Reef Ball environmental project
from Feb. 2 - Feb 9th.