1) The Reef Ball Foundation is pleased to announce that it has received a
donation from the Mary Ryan and Henry Kuhrt Foundation of Atlanta. We are
grateful for their continued support, as they were one of the initial
funders of the foundation. Special recognition to Mr. Bill Izlar who serves
as a trustee for the Kuhrt Foundation and who has been a great champion of
the work of the Reef Ball Foundation and continues to volunteer his time.
We are grateful for Mr. Izlar's help and advice over the years. Also thanks
to Brenda Rambeau for her continued support.

2) The Reef Ball Foundation also received a donation from the Jerry Taylor
and Nancy Bryant Foundation of Washington, D.C. Special thanks to Nancy
Bryant and Galen Taylor for their continued support. Nancy Bryant is
planning to participate as a volunteer in a Reef Ball coral transplant
project later this year as she is an advanced diver.

3) The experimental submerged porous groin Grant for beach restoration work
was awarded this week to Plantation PortoMari in Curacao and the project
will be started with 4-6 weeks. During our Reef Ball dives there we noted
some Acropora corals on the Reef Balls (2 1/2 years old) that are larger
than basketballs in size!

4) The Fish America Foundation is now accepting applications for Reef Ball
(community based habitat restoration) projects. Get an application at

5) From March to June, there will be an IMAX/Coral Reefs exhibit in the Ft.
Lauderdale museum of science and it will feature a full sized (foam model)
Reef Ball.

6) Reef Ball has signed up a new Authorized Contractor for Kuwait called
Kuwait Reef Ball Company, PO Box 2113 Safat 13110, Kuwait, +965 9385681.

7) Reef Ball received an application to become an Authorized Contractor from
Stresscon Ltd. with offices in Nova Scotia, MA & NB.

8) Reef Ball staff is planning coral propagation and transplant training for
Feb 2-9th at Coco Cay in the Bahamas.