1) For those of you that missed the first airing, Discovery Channel's
"Extreme Funerals" Featuring Reef Balls at Eternal Reefs will re-air on
January 25, 2003 at 8:00PM The Discovery Channel has done an excellent job
producing the Eternal Reefs story.  It is an excellent opportunity to see
how and what Eternal Reefs does.  The program also shows how an Eternal Reef
contributes to the environment and how it helps families reach closure with
the loss of a loved one.  Eternal Reefs is the third segment and you may
wish to tune in after about 10 - 15 minutes.

2) An opportunity for funding of international coral reef projects is now
available through NOAA's Coral Reef Conservation Grant Program. For details
go to http://ipo.nos.noaa.gov/coralgrants.html. Applications for funding are
DUE TO NOAA on March 14, 2003.

3) From Elliot Wiechula a boy scout doing his Eagle Project in Saudi Arabia,
"This email is just to let you know I have finished the making of the 26
Reef Balls, 12 Lo-Pro and 14 Oyster. I will let them cure for the next 2-3
weeks. Then I would like to start sinking them soon afterwards, maybe in Eid
al-Adha (Feb 10-14). "

4) From the Four Seasons resort in the Maldives Islands, "We got the
approval from the government for our house reef project a few days ago.  We
are planning to deploy around 60 reef balls in the next 6 months."

5) Dive Roatan at Paya Bay has been awarded a Reef Ball Foundation "Reefs
Around the World" Grant.

6) The Reef Ball Development Group, Ltd. and Coastal Reef Builders, Inc.
have developed a new, even larger than our Super sized Reef Ball.... dubbed
"The Goliath Reef Ball."  Its first use will be in the Florida Panhandle for
a large FF&W project.  Its larger size will make it especially useful in
submerged breakwater applications.

7) Florida approves Bonita's plan to replace sea wall near Old 41 bridge
near Naples.  Reef Balls will be used the entire length of the seawall.
(Full article at www.artificialreefs.org in the News Section)