1) If you are in the United States, you can get up to $50,000 for a Reef
Ball project by applying to the Recreational Boating and Fishing Foundation:
Request for Proposals for marketing and outreach pilot projects
http://www.rbff.org/pressroom/RBFF_Coop_Menu.cfm (deadline Friday April 11,

2) The first monitoring of the Cayman Islands Submerged Breakwater project
is in.  Dr. Lee Harris of F.I.T. reports that starting without a beach
(actually as far as several feet below the seawall meaning a negative
beach), the Cayman Island Marriott now has 30 feet of beach!  The Reef Balls
have only been installed for a few months.

3) The Army Corps of Engineers is looking for innovative new solutions to
beach restoration and has selected and funded a proposal for Reef Balls as a
submerged breakwater to be used in a "hot spot" of Miami Beach for
preliminary engineering.  If the preliminary engineering shows the site to
be a good candidate, up to 1.2 million dollars could be available for
construction, likely in 2004.

4) Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines and the Sovereign of the Seas has completed
coral transplant training for their project at Coco Cay.

5) News from the Columbia Reef Ball project, "We'll start the casting phase
in 2 weeks time."

6) News from Indonesia, "A Reef Ball project is being planed in Southwest
Sumbawa Island (east of Bali Island). We plan to have reef conservation
program and one of program is artificial reef ball. We plan to install at a
bay called Teluk Benete ( 2 km long and 1 km wide) with depth 10 to 40 m.
The project has been accepted into the Reefs Around the World Grant Program
of the Reef Ball Foundation.

7) News from Barbados, initial casting has begun at the Coconut Court Hotel
on the Reef Ball project.

8) The Iranian Reef Ball project is planning 600 Reef Balls in three
Hormozgan Region Fisheries locations.

9) Bayshore Beautiful Association in Tampa Bay, Florida will take delivery
of 120 Reef Balls on March 8th for an erosion control project.