1) Picture below of Porites Porites (Porites divaricata) in Curocao 2 years
after transplanting on Reef Balls as a 1 inch fragment. Main lines on
monitoring frame are 10 cm apart. The PortoMari Coral and Fish survey
January 2003 can be seen at :
www.miccur.com/PMBAYSURVEY/FishCoraljan2003.pdf and

2) Drydiver international, a manufacturer of small "heads up" glassbottom
kiyaks and boats and long time suporter of reefballs, has offered to donate
10% of all sales to the Reef Ball Foudation through april 30, 2003 if you
mention this message. This could be a great way to view your reefballs
without getting wet! Their website is www.drydiver.com where you will find
nice pictures of the boats.

3) 20 Bay balls were ordered by Marine Parks for their experimental marine
resources enhancement project in Pulau Payar Marine park (Malaysia). The
balls are targeted to be deployed in 2 groups of 10 in 2 rows of 5-a-side in
8 metres and 12 metres depth respectively. The site is located 150 metres in
front of Parks HQ in Payar. This ensures easy access and frequent
monitoring.  You can find pictures and more information at

4) Tore Thorsen (searoads@c2i.net) owner of the research vessel at
www.cehili.com, has gratiously offered to potentially allow her free use for
worthy Reef Ball deployments and projects over the next year or two.  The
vessel is currently in the Adriatic sea.

5) News Article Update on Lake Okeechobee Reef Ball project at

6) The Reef Ball project in MACHALILLA, Ecuador has started and gotten all
its permissions from the Government.

7) Reef Ball will have a booth and displays at Gee Whiz in Sarasota, Florida
on March 1st as part of water day.