1) PADI Aware in Europe reports, "We will launch our first Mediterranean
Reef Ball Project at the beginning of May. This will take place in
co-operation with the biggest German Diving magazine and the Tour Operator
"Club Aldiana" in the period 11.-16.05.2003 in Turkey."

2) EMPACA, our authorized contractor in the Dominican Republic is proud to
announce the Coral Hotel Reef Ball submerged breakwater project.  This is
the last of the line of hotels sharing the Dominicus Beach (Hotel Gran
Dominicus and Hotel Iberostar) at Bayahibe, La Romana, D.R. that already
have Reef Ball submerged breakwaters.  The continued addition of additional
Reef Ball submerged breakwaters in this area is an indication of how well
they work and how satisfied the hotel owners are with this environmental
alternative to damaging, temporary and expensive "beach renourishment"

3) New Reef Ball projects are being proposed for United Arab Emirates (30
Pallet Balls), OMAN, Malaysia (Sarawak), Louisiana (900 Bay/Lo Pros for
erosion control)  more in future updates.

4) The Reef Ball Update list is for individuals and companies interested in
Reef Ball artificial reefs and projects including coral restoration,
snorkeling trails, diving trails, fishing reefs, submerged breakwaters to
create beaches without sand pumping, coral propagation and transplant
projects, oyster reef recovery, and many other aspects of designed reefs to
restore our worlds oceanic ecosystems.  Full information can be found at
www.artificialreefs.org.  If you don't wish to receive our updates, just
reply to this email requesting to be removed and we will do so.  This list
is managed entirely by hand. Thanks in advance for your interest in
preserving our oceanic ecosystems.