1) "Few of world's large fish remain", study says (These are large credible
scientific surveys and they are scary!)

2) There is a new Enviromental Protection Agency article about Reef Balls in
Sarasota Bay available online at www.artificialreefs.org then click in the
News. (Most Recent Article)

3) Preliminary Reef Ball Foundation/Manatee County Monitoring data show a
6000%+ increase in Gag Grouper in Manatee County inshore and nearshore reefs
from May 2002 to May 2003. (Don't get out your fishing poles just yet, 95%
of then are under 16 inches but they are growing!)

4) Bids are out for designed reefs in Santa Rosa and Manatee Counties in
Flordia this week.

5) The moblie unit of Reef Innovations is building Reef Balls in North
Carolina this week.

6) Coastal Reef Builders, Inc. in Pensacola is actively building the new
Colossial Reef Ball for a FFWC project.  The units weigh in at over 6,000
pounds and are some of the largest Reef Balls ever mass produced.

7) CORL has received a $10,000 grant for the use of Reef Balls in American
Somoa as part of a coral propogation and restoration project.

8) Reef Ball New Zealand is working on a new (non-profit) project in Western
Australia for using Reef Balls in residential canals....more details as the
project progresses.