1) The Reef Ball World Mapping System is now officially online!!!!  You can
now access information on almost all of our worldwide project (except
private, mitigation and some underway research projects).  You can find
project summaries, news articles, coordinates, local artificial reef
coordinators, mold owners, status of mold licenses, region specific
scientific reports, participants in the Reef Ball Foundation's Reefs Around
the World Grant Program, photos and much more BY LOCATION.  Just drill down
on the country of your choice (State level in the US, County level in
Florida) from easy to click on maps.

2) The Hotel Mayan Palace in Cancun reports today that 1,015 out of 1560
Reefballs have been installed. (See mapping system for photos)  They report
an extremely large abundance of tropical fish.

3) Todd Barber will give a presentation on Reef Balls and Ecotourism at the
Asia/Pacific conference on Ecotourism 2003 on Oct 22-26 in Langkowi,

4) From Jacksonville, FL, "Today, 140 Reef Balls (mainly Pallet Balls) that
came from the St. Augustine Kirbo project from 4 years ago were loaded on a
barge at the MOBRO Marine facility in Green Cove Springs . This deployment
project is being done because of a grant that was submitted to FWC by
Shortly Merritt of the Recreation and Parks Dept. of St. Johns County. This
coming Monday, I'm trucking down another 50-60 (mainly Ultra Balls) of the
110 Reef Balls from Mandarin High to add to this deployment. Once they're
all loaded, the barge will then go downriver to the Bellinger Shipyard at
Atlantic Blvd. and the ICW to wait for good weather."

5) The Gran Dominicus Hotel in the Dominican Republic was issued permits to
do Phase II of their Reef Ball submerged breakwater which will add another
1200 feet to the length of their Reef Ball breakwater. (Phase I was
completed in 1998 and has provided them with a perfectly stable and wide

That's all for now...so go...check out our mapping system!
Go to www.reefball.com/map/world.htm for a direct link

(You can also access the Map from any of our websites, www.reefball.org,
www.reefball.com, www.artificialreefs.org)