1) Manatee County will be deploying 250 Bay Balls, 8 Ultra Balls and 18
Pallet Balls on the 1 mile south Reef off Bradenton Beach tomorrow or
Thursday depending upon weather.

2) The Reef Ball Mapping System has been populated with an additional 500
megs of data since yesterday.  Go to http://www.reefball.com/map/world.htm
and explore your area to find nearly everything going on about Reef Balls
near you. You can also now get GPS coordinates for a vast majority of the
Reef Ball sites here. (Numbers not available elsewhere!)

3) The Lamlash Reef Ball Project in Scotland reports it intends to use a
modified version of the Reef Ball Coral Transplant System to attach Maerl
seaweeds to Reef Balls.

4) We are working on 3 new potential Reef Ball submerged breakwater projects
in Puerto Rico, Anguilla, and Antigua.

5) Reef Ball staff will be traveling to Kuwait and Bahrain from July 16-24th
doing training for Reef Ball Kuwait and visiting and monitoring the 50 Reef
Balls deployed in Bahrain in 10/02.

6) The Reef Ball Development Group, Ltd. has developed 3 new "model" sized
Reef Balls for the Wave Tank modeling at the Army Corp of Engineers
"Engineer Research and Development Center" at the Waterways Experiment
Station in Vicksburg, MS.  Don Ward will be overseeing a large battery of
3-d wave attenuation studies in several scales.  Results of these tests
which are intended for the Miami Beach 63rd Street Hotspot Reef Ball
Submerged Breakwater Project will be publicly available and are expected to
provide excellent insights for future designs of Reef Ball submerged
breakwaters to restore and protect beaches.

7) Fact of the Day: Did you know that 80% of the surface of a properly made
Reef Ball is Natural Limestone Rock (the same as a natural coral reef)?