1)      Reef Ball staff is back from Kuwait and Bahrain where we successfully
built Reef Balls in 140 degree temperatures! (We had to use ice instead of
water in the concrete mixer!).  You can find reports, photos and other
information about these site visits by going to the Reef Ball mapping system
(www.reefball.com then click Mapping) for Kuwait or Bahrain.

2) The State of Florida will spend between 40-100 million dollars to clean
up tires (tyres) used as "artificial reefs" in the 1960s and 1970s.  This
represents an amount larger than the combined entire state artificial reef
budgets since the tires were placed!  North Carolina is facing a similar
problem.  See the article at
Worst yet, instead of paying for the mistake, to finance the whole deal
mitigators who are destroying habitat will pay for it instead of replacing
the habitats that are harmed!  Put pressure on your local artificial reef
program NEVER to use materials of opportunity like tires and to stick with
proven designed materials built specifically for their purpose.  Encourage
mitigation to involve actual restoration of habitats....not just another
form of taxation.

3) The Reef Ball project in Barcelona, Spain has been formally approved. (25
Ultra Balls and 2 Ultra Molds to the City of Barcelona).

4) Molds were shipped to Indonesia for a new project by PT Newmount.

8) Below Photo: Kuwait Dive Team is trained on Coral Propagation and
Transplant Techniques by Reef Ball Development Group's Todd Barber, Reef
Ball Kuwait's Mike Symns, and The Scientific Center of Kuwait's Andy Wilson.