1) There is a scientific/community involvement fishery project that has been
approved for a Reefs Around the World Grant Program in South Sulawesi,
Indonesia.  Project leader is Gene Ammarell, Associate Professor of
Anthropology: Department of Sociology and Anthropology, Program in Southeast
Asian Studies, Ohio University, Athens, OH 45701 ammarell@ohio.edu
Go to the Reef Ball World Mapping System (www.reefball.com and look for
link) and click on either Indonesia or Ohio to see information about the
projects and request for additional financial assistance for the project.
In addition to fishery research, this project includes the creation of a
school where Reef Ball construction will be used as an educational tool for
the island.

2) Stanford Development Group on the Caribbean island of Antigua has
approved a Reef Ball Submerged Breakwater project for Maiden Island. A coral
propagation and transplant program will be included.

3) Reef Ball Development Group, Ltd. has recently approved many more brands
of densified silica fume (Microsilica) for use in our concrete mix design
for creating artificial reefs where hard corals or other pH sensitive
members of the fouling community are present.  See appendix K in the Reef
Ball Training Manual for an updated list.

4) The latest NOAA / Fish America Foundation Request for Proposals is now
open. It will close August 11, 2003.
It is posted their website

5) Reef Ball Development Group Staff will be in Barcelona, Spain to do Reef
Ball construction training from Aug 23rd - Aug 31st.

6) Reef Ball is working with a client in Venezuela to do a restoration on an
ailing fringing coral reef and mangrove system.